Our journeys started separately decades ago and joined forces to create The Moon Bitches.

Loretta Gold

I started my path into healing as a Transpersonal psychotherapist, I’m drawn to working beyond the therapy room to help my clients embody the healing and power that’s needed for their lives.  I’ve trained and been initiated as a shaman and am a founder of moonbitches - My own journey of loss and trauma brought me to a life changing moment where I chose the path that I am on today -I feel immensely grateful and fulfilled to be working and connected with my true life purpose. There are no mistakes - our wounds can become our gifts. My passion is to help facilitate others to transform their wounds into their power.


Margo Marrrone

Ever since I can remember I wanted to heal people. From a young age I watched herbs and potions being made as part of daily medicine. As a young adult I trained as a pharmacist and then a homeopath specialising in herbal medicine. I then co-founded the Organic Pharmacy where I was able to heal many through the potions and lotions that I made. Years later I had the great privilege to train as a Shaman and Yogi. The process enabled me to heal my own wounds and traumas and be able to help and serve others. 

We started Moon Bitches as a small circle in our homes for friends and family. It soon became so popular that we had to expand into larger spaces to accommodate the growing numbers of people. We've held rituals in Soho House, Private Members Clubs and privately as well as via zoom. 

The full moon is a powerful time to let go. The shifts that we experienced as a group were wonderful . Gathering in circles both on and offline to celebrate the different phases of the moon cycle and healing is incredibly transformative. 

Many people experience :

- Massive shifts 

- Able to let go of past trauma.

- Able to realise and let go of blockages.

- Release anger, fear and other negative emotions.

- Learn how to speak with kindness and compassion to oneself.

- Manifest and see clearly their path.

- Fell lighter and more positive.

- Improved mental health. 

- Improved fertility